Vomit Fist – Omnicide (Review)

Vomit Fist - OmnicideVomit Fist are a grindcore band from the US and this is their latest release.

Here we have 20 minutes of complex, vicious grindcore. This is not your standard grindcore, however, and Vomit Fist have produced something far more atypical and individual than most.

There’s an apocalyptic energy to this, apparent as its songs ravage and tear their way through their running time. Most are short and brutal, but occasionally the band try their collective hands at longer compositions, which gives them the chance to spread their wings a bit more.

This is the kind of grind that, on its surface at least, revels in brutality and harshness. Under that grimy surface, however, lurk songs that take lesser-travelled paths down grindcore avenues, incorporating elements from hardcore, mathcore, sludge, black metal, and death metal, wherever and whenever necessary in order to get the job done. This means that we even get moments of nuance and atmosphere on Omnicide, as well as some quite impressive playing here and there. Simple and uncomplicated, this is not.

I really can’t emphasise enough how diverse and engaging this is. Comparison-wise there’s everything here from Pig Destroyer, to Between the Buried and Me, to Enslaved, to Labrat, and more. This well-constructed album has everything the modern extreme metal enthusiast would want, and more.

Vomit Fist are not grindcore purists. Rather, they worship the gods of extremity, following wherever the nastiest and sharpest extreme metal influences take them. The end result is a grinding smorgasbord of nastiness, and one very enjoyable, multifaceted monster of a release.


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