Hour of Penance – Misotheism (Review)

Hour of Penance - MisotheismThis is the eighth album from Hour of Penance, an Italian death metal band.

The follow up to 2017’s enjoyable Cast the First Stone, Misotheism offers the listener 41 minutes of professional, merciless death metal. Blending brutality and technicality well, this new album is easy to listen to if you’re a fan of solid, classically-delivered death metal.

While Misotheism might continue with Hour of Penance’s relentlessly battering style, it soon becomes apparent that the quality levels have been raised since the band’s last effort. The brutality hits harder, the technicality is more piercing, the melodies even sharper, and the atmosphere thicker; Hour of Penance have stepped up their game on Misotheism.

The songs are well-written and mix menacing, threatening tones with straightforward aggression and belligerence. Elements of the Polish scene can be heard in some of the blackened aspects of the music, albeit filtered through Hour of Penance’s brutally effective own personality. Although the brutality of this record underpins the music, it’s when combined with the band’s sense of dynamics and melody that the songs truly shine.

I find albums like this incredibly moreish, and it’s so easy to just listen to them on repeat time after time. Misotheism hits the spot nicely, doing exactly what you’d expect an album of this sort to do, and in a very gratifying way.

A recommended listen.

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