Kingsmen – Revenge.Forgiveness.Recovery (Review)

Kingsmen - Revenge.Forgiveness.RecoveryKingsmen are a metalcore band from the US and this is their debut album.

Here we have 37 minutes of music; metallic hardcore that also borrows from both modern metal and deathcore. The songs are compact and concise expressions of anger, frustration, and hardship, channelled through satisfyingly brutal tracks that are also full of good hooks and choruses.

Combine the energetic heaviness of a band like Une Misère, with the more commercial approach taken by a band like Any Given Day, add in a touch of deathcore, (Thy Art Is Murder/Fit for an Autopsy), and liberally sprinkle with elements of modern metal/metalcore, (The Agony Scene/Aviana), and you’ll have a rough idea of where Kingsmen are coming from.

The songs are well-written and memorable. The band’s aggression is tempered with an understanding of song structuring and dynamics, making for a collection of tracks that have plenty of hooks and catchy moments in them to keep the listener returning for more. Although primarily a heavy band, they also have a melodic sensibility that works well for them. These songs balance an honest aggression with an accessible side that doesn’t compromise the integrity of the former. Kingsmen have a well-developed personality on Revenge.Forgiveness.Recovery, impressively so, given it’s their first full-length record.

I really enjoyed this. In a style where it’s very easy to come across as generic and stale, Revenge.Forgiveness.Recovery is anything but.

Very highly recommended.

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