Harm’s Way – Posthuman (Review)

Harms WayHarm’s Way are a metalcore band from the US. This is their fourth album.

Here we have 34 minutes of metallic hardcore, full of spitting anger and beefy riffs.

The singer has a satisfyingly aggressive shout, bringing to mind bands like Born from Pain and Throwdown. He uses other styles sparingly, but gives a good performance no matter what he’s doing.

The music mixes its metal and hardcore elements well, along with a touch of electronic/industrial influence. I like how relentlessly and unashamedly heavy most of the music is, although that’s not to say that the material is one-dimensional or that there are no variations or nuances of delivery.

In fact, the band’s willingness to experiment with their electronic/industrial side makes for some of the more non-standard tracks on this release, (of which, Temptation is a personal favourite, although the malevolent Godflesh-esque The Gift is also pretty damn good), and this helps Harm’s Way to differentiate themselves from many of their peers. Even on some of the more straightforward songs there’s occasional slight elements of this that they bring into their sound.

If you take the two bands mentioned near the start as a rough starting point, tone down the hardcore content and add in more modern metal, then mix in some of the more atypical traits that made Training for Utopia so individual, you’ll have an idea of where Posthuman is coming from.

Posthuman is an enjoyably personalised take on the much maligned metalcore style. Check this out.

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