Siete Lagunas – I & II (Review)

Siete LagunasSiete Lagunas are a Colombian black metal band and this release contains their first two demos.

Siete Lagunas combine raw back metal songs – short and caustic – with moments of experimental noise and minimal ambience. Containing 10 tracks and lasting a total of 23 minutes, this is a nasty underground release that will appeal to the connoisseurs of the style out there.

The music sounds barely held together with spit, venom, sheer willpower, and daemonic rituals. The guitars are from the fragile-yet-abrasive school of rawness; they lash out with icy threat, but are not above using dark, blackened melodies to get their damage done. The vocals are a mix of different styles, from hysterical high-pitched screams, to daemonic roars, and the occasional deep growl.

Siete Lagunas are an interesting band. They cover a few different bases on this collection of tracks. It’s all underground, raw, nasty stuff, but isn’t without ambition or creativity, however.

These demos are a very promising start for Siete Lagunas, and I look forward to where they go from here.

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