Morrow – The Weight of These Feathers (Review)

MorrowMorrow are a US black metal band and this is their debut album.

Not to be confused with the Morrow from the UK that have appeared on this site previously, this US band play atmospheric black metal with ambient and post-rock influences.

Think of the expansive, atmospheric nature of a black metal band like Wolves in the Throne Room, throw in some nuanced depth from the likes of Agalloch, mix in the progressive nature of Ihsahn’s solo work and the light touch of Anathema at their most delicate, and then add in the melodies and ethereal nature of a band like Alcest. The end result should give you a starting point for Morrow’s music.

The Weight of These Feathers seems to be built around a core of emotive power that’s arranged with elements of progressive, atmospheric, and post-black metal. Resplendent melodies and soft introspection share space with colourful leads and molten solos as dark riffs weave in and out of everything. This really is a layered and compelling piece of work, and the band have a clear understanding of how to forge black metal with character, atmosphere, and emotive depth.

I should also comment on the strings that are included on the album too, as these add a great deal of extra content to the music.

The mix of blackened majesty and post-rock stylings on this this album really is something special. The Weight of These Feathers is a masterclass in how to combine progressive/post-rock elements with blackened power to create music that’s highly atmospheric and immersive. There are bucketfuls of subtleties and creative ideas thrown into this album, and both the playing and songwriting is exemplary.

2017 was a really good year for expansive, emotive, multifaceted atmospheric music like this, but so far in 2018 it’s been much scarcer. This is the kind of album I’ve been waiting for this year.

I really can’t recommend this album highly enough.

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