Obscura – Diluvium (Review)

ObscuraObscura are a progressive/technical death metal band from Germany and this is their fifth album.

As I’ve said frequently in the past, I like an album that feels like a journey, and this is definitely one such album. With a depth of songwriting and skill that many bands aspire to and few achieve, Diluvium is a masterclass in what a progressive/technical death metal band can achieve.

The musicianship is above reproach, and the songs twist and turn down all manner of unexpected avenues and paths. I’d have to say that Diluvium is the band’s most diverse release to date, and the songs on this album push the boundaries of what Obscura can achieve even further.

I always like a good guitar solo, and this entire album is full of guitar gymnastics and fretboard wizardry. I also like it when I can hear a bit of bass; Obscura are known for making the most of this instrument, and they don’t disappoint on Diluvium. The drums are all over the place, but in good way. I enjoy a healthy mix of blast beats and percussive depth, and the drummer of Obscura is a machine.

Mixing intensity and atmosphere into the band’s very technical approach, the progressive nature of the songs prevents them from truly disappearing into a black hole of technicality, making for music that may be complex, but that always bends to the will of the songs ultimately. This latter point is an important part of why Diluvium succeeds as much as it does – Obscura have polished their songwriting and structuring on this latest release so that the balance between impenetrable technicality and accessible appeal is pitched at a very effective level.

Yep, believe it or not, this is Obscura at their catchiest. Care should be taken when interpreting that statement, of course, as this is still complex, nuanced, and subtle music. There are more hooks than ever on this album, however, including some melodic moments that are quite affecting and memorable.

A very impressive and effective album, Diluvium sees Obscura at the height of their creative powers, in my humble opinion. I’ve enjoyed this new album most out of all of their work that I’ve heard, and this is one that will be on heavy rotation for some time to come.

Very highly recommended.

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