Boss Keloid – Melted on the Inch (Review)

Boss KeloidBoss Keloid are a UK progressive sludge/doom metal band and this is their fourth album.

2016’s immense Herb Your Enthusiasm was a landmark release for the band. It was, quite simply, such a good Continue reading “Boss Keloid – Melted on the Inch (Review)”

Interview with Aorlhac

Aorlhac Logo

Aorlhac have recently released their third album, (and closing part of a trilogy), L’esprit des Vents. This is an epic and melodic album that takes the fire of the black metal second wave and fuses it into passionate, atmospheric music that still retains plenty of aggressive bite. It’s a very strong release, and one that I readily recommend you check out.

I was privileged enough to be able to ask the band’s vocalist Spellbound some questions about the album and the band, so have a read of the below and give the album a listen… Continue reading “Interview with Aorlhac”

Monthly Overview – the Best of March 2018

It’s time to take stock of what the extreme metal world has given us this month. As usual, there’s been some storming releases. Continue reading “Monthly Overview – the Best of March 2018”