Somniate – The Meyrinkian Slumber (Review)

Somniate - The Meyrinkian SlumberSomniate are a black metal band from Czechia and this is their debut album.

Containing members of bands such as Brutally Deceased, Self-Hatred, Mallephyr, and Heaving Earth, The Meyrinkian Slumber is a different proposition than most of Somniate’s component bands, and gifts us with 32 minutes of modern black metal instead. The music is sophisticated and well-crafted, taking icy influence from the original blackened strains and using this to forge a contemporary take on the style.

Intensity and thoughtful aggression assail the listener quite thoroughly across this five-track album. Piercing melodies cut to the bone, and dark shadowy atmospheres seep through from worlds unknown. Dissonance is used here like a weapon, but one that’s not overly deployed so as to lose effectiveness. There are some top-quality riffs and solos on this album too, in places. Vocally we get a mix of expressive, near-unhinged rasped screams and harsh growls, both of which are performed and delivered very well.

The band write their songs seeking a balance between energetic assault and immersive atmosphere, and in this they largely succeed. This is one of the reasons that, despite its relatively brief running time, The Meyrinkian Slumber feels like a very complete and holistically-considered piece of work.

I enjoyed this album a great deal. The Meyrinkian Slumber is a strong first release from Somniate and I heartily recommend it.

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