Noctem Aeternus – Landscape of Discord (Review)

Noctem Aeternus - Landscape of DiscordNoctem Aeternus is a one-man atmospheric black metal band from Argentina.

Although Landscape of Discord was originally released in 2019, this is an album worth getting to know now that it’s being released by a label, (Naturmacht Productions).

This is well-written atmospheric black metal, the sort that reminds me heavily of the 90s era in many ways, without being exclusively limited to it. The music is epic and warm, with a strong melodic component. Layered upon the band’s melodic assault is an entrancing mix of orchestral and keyboard enhancements. The orchestral elements are real instruments too, rather than keyboards, which is an unusual treat for the listener when they appear.

Landscape of Discord is a surprisingly catchy and memorable affair, with the artist behind the band opting for a more song-based approach that is the norm for the style. This is then combined with the long-form mood-based style you’d expect, producing songs that strike the right balance between both. The end result is an album that holds the attention well for its 55 minutes, and provides a lot of enjoyable content for the listener to become absorbed by.

I particularly like the vocals on this release. They’re screamed out with a traditional blackened delivery, and have a passionate edge. What I really like, however, is the vocal patterns and rhythms that are used. These frequently fit so well with the music, and are responsible for some of the catchiness of the music in and of themselves.

Landscape of Discord is a very strong album in all regards. You definitely need to check this out if you’re a fan of orchestral atmospheric black metal.

Very highly recommended.

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