Interview with Forged in Black

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Crafting their sound from various metallic elements old and new, UK heavy metallers Forged in Black have created an extremely strong and enjoyable second album in Descent of the Serpent. Let’s find out a bit more… Continue reading “Interview with Forged in Black”

Forged in Black – Descent of the Serpent (Review)

Forged in Black - Descent of the SerpentForged in Black are a UK heavy metal band and this is their second album.

Featuring 48 minutes of material, Descent of the Serpent is well-crafted heavy metal with wide scope. Some elements of thrash are mixed in, for example. Also, occasionally the songs veer into classic doom metal territories in their more atmospheric moments, or sometimes adopt a power metal stance of epic force. Whatever they do this is pure heavy metal goodness all the way. Continue reading “Forged in Black – Descent of the Serpent (Review)”