Contrarian – Their Worm Never Dies (Review)

Contrarian - Their Worm Never DiesContrarian are a death metal band from the US and this is their third album.

So far Contrarian have a solid track record of delivering quality progressive/technical death metal albums; both 2015’s Polemic and 2017’s To Perceive Is to Suffer are records that I really enjoy.

Their Worm Never Dies continues to blend old and new into satisfyingly moreish songs. Taking a base of old-school progressive death metal the likes of which bands such as Death, Atheist, and Cynic did so well, Contrarian’s talent is in taking these influences and producing their own interpretation of the style, while incorporating modern influences into their music. The end result is an album that is recognisable for its origins, yet doesn’t seem like an out-of-place throwback record. Their Worm Never Dies belongs firmly in 2019, despite its older components.

The musicianship, as you would expect, is exemplary. There’s a lot of depth and nuance on this album, and the band inject real feeling and passion into their performances. This is obviously music that they feel strongly about, and this comes across in their playing. Whether creating a heavy section of rhythmic spikiness, peeling off blistering solos, or crafting atmosphere that builds and flows, Contrarian’s sense of songcraft and structuring are as well-judged as they are gratifying to listen to.

Jagged riffs, complex bass, and precise drumming are all joined by rasping, cutting vocals. The people behind this band know their stuff, and the seven songs on this album are each individually-wrought and satisfying slices of well-delivered metal.

The return of Contrarian is well-received, and Their Worm Never Dies is probably the band’s strongest effort to date. I’ve always enjoyed what Contrarian have done, and it seems that they keep pumping out quality music every couple of years. I have absolutely no complaints about this, as they keep going from strength to strength.

Very highly recommended.

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