Landmvrks – Fantasy (Review)

Landmvrks - FantasyLandmvrks are a French metalcore band and this is their second album.

This is modern metalcore, with a distinct hardcore feel in places and a catchy, memorable backbone.

The band offer the tried-and-tested formula of aggressive heaviness and melodic appeal; charismatic shouts and angry beatdowns mix with clean singing and accessible hooks. It works on Fantasy because not only are the band good at what they do, but they’re also passionate enough and inject enough of their own personality into the music to make it work.

The songs are largely well-written and have an obvious surfeit of energy and vibrant energy. The heavier parts do what you would expect them too, while the clean-singing sections where things calm down a bit are probably where the band’s delivery shines.

The singer has a decent voice, and his shouts are particularly striking. Although he does perform deeper vocals on occasion, most of his shouting involves charismatic higher-pitched vocals that remind me of the singer of Most Precious Blood in some ways. His clean singing is more standard, but no less accomplished due to this. Overall he has quite a varied range across Fantasy.

For anyone who has had their fill of this style of metalcore, then I doubt Fantasy will convince them otherwise, but to those that still have a taste for heaviness laden with melodic hooks and catchy choruses, then Landmvrks offer 42 minutes of quite enjoyable music.

There’s still work to be done here, but the band are on the right path. Check this out.

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