Landmvrks – Lost in the Waves (Review)

Landmvrks - Lost in the WavesLandmvrks are a French metalcore band and this is their third album.

After their solid 2018 effort Fantasy, Landmvrks are now back with another 33 minutes of material. Lost in the Waves is heavier than its predecessor, but without losing its melodic edge. Shorter than the album that preceded it, it’s also more diverse.

Listening to this album is like listening to about three or four different bands at the same time. The heavier parts are more brutal than they ever were, while the melodic parts are brighter and more passionate. You could be listening to near-pop one moment, and blast beat-driven aggression the next. Sometimes the discrepancy between the brutally heavy metalcore and the uplifting melodic punk can be hard to reconcile, but mostly it just works and it’s easy to get swept away in Landmvrk’s infectious energy.

The band have embraced their belligerent hardcore side even further, while still peppering it with occasional moments of both extremity and stadium-friendly accessibility. The former sometimes bursts out of the speakers with deathcore intensity and huge monolithic growls, while the latter is represented by emotive clean singing and lighter melodic sections. That the two exist together and largely work is testament to Landmvrk’s abilities, and it’s all tied together by their metallic hardcore heart. It comes across as if Most Precious Blood had started to incorporate bits of Boys Night Out, From Autumn to Ashes, Linkin Park, and Thy Art Is Murder into their hardcore sound. It shouldn’t work, but mostly does.

As alluded to above, the singer has a prodigious range that he demonstrates extensively and impressively across Lost in the Waves. From the nastiest of death growls to the softest of emotive singing, the singer’s voice is very versatile. He’s filled with energy, and he can certainly vocalise very, very fast indeed.

Lost in the Waves is way more accomplished and impressive an album than that of your average metalcore band. If you’re in any way a fan of this style, I would strongly suggest you check out what Landmvrks are doing here. In a crowded, jaded genre, Landmvrks are doing something quite special.

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