Heaven’s Damnation – Heaven’s Damnation (Review)

Heaven's Damnation - Heaven's DamnationThis is the debut album from Danish black/death metal band Heaven’s Damnation.

Featuring current and ex-members of bands such as Dysgnostic and Udånde, Heaven’s Damnation contains 28 minutes of ferocious blackened death metal.

These songs take the grim atmosphere and unrestricted nature of black metal and the brutal intensity of death metal and combine them into lethal tracks that twist and turn with murderous grace.

The music is dark and unforgiving, making good use of its influences to maximise its presence. Fierce riffs and serrated leads tear out of the music, while the punishing drums send explosions across apocalyptic landscapes. Although the band can certainly be controlled and melodic, they can also be absolutely unhinged in places. There is a feral intensity to parts of Heaven’s Damnation that’s savage and raw.

This certainly isn’t a one-trick pony though; Heaven’s Damnation have a lot of tools in their toolbox. As well as the frequent savagery, the band also lean into black metal’s atmospheric proclivities to produce compelling mood-focused sections. These are commonly preludes to a riot of infernal violence, but this aspect of the material is just as much a part of the Heaven’s Damnation template as their more aggressive side.

In truth though the black and death metal components are not separated. They mingle and merge freely, and within a range of substyles. You might have utter chaos and a near-war metal ferocity one moment, an esoteric blackened hymnal the next, with a melodic folk sensibility following, and a thrash or Bathory influenced section after that. Suffice to say that these well-crafted songs display a breadth of ability and execution that’s above average. Throw in a multifaceted vocal delivery, and you have a real dark treat.

Heaven’s Damnation has impressed. This is a whirlwind of blackened creativity that cannot be constrained by a single simple genre. Heaven’s Damnation are a band that boldly and confidently smash through stylistic boundaries like musical wrecking balls.

What more can I say? If you’re an underground extreme metal fan with a taste for the blackened arts then you need to hear this.

Very highly recommended.


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