Judicator – The Majesty of Decay (Review)

Judicator - The Majesty of DecayThis is the sixth album from US power metallers Judicator.

Following on from 2020’s Let There Be Nothing, The Majesty of Decay delivers 61 minutes of conceptually driven metal. Whereas Let There Be Nothing was historically themed, The Majesty of Decay takes a more contemporary approach, and feels more personal because of this.

Judicator’s brand of power metal is earthy and raw, despite The Majesty of Decay‘s polished finish. The recording is such that you can hear every instrument in gloriously warm detail, and the music washes over the listener with organic ease because of this.

The Majesty of Decay is a feast of melodic power metal, and a great example of how to write a great album by simply packing it with great songs. Classic heavy metal elements enrich the music, while progressive touches allow Judicator to be so much more than they would be without them. Blind Guardian are the obvious overarching reference point, but not the only one by any means; a few different creative ideas and influences can be heard here and there, everything from jazz, (The High Priestess), to death metal, (Daughter of Swords).

These new songs are well-written and arranged, and boast considerable presence. They’re filled with meaty content, including memorable hooks, catchy vocals, and rich atmosphere. The band’s use of melody is strong, as are the riffs that are used. The singer’s powerful voice is as charismatic as ever, and the singing is diverse and characterful. The atmospheric accompaniments from the keyboards are well-placed and well-realised, boosting the overall value and impact of the songs considerably.

The Majesty of Decay is hideously enjoyable. Judicator have produced a very moreish and entertaining album that has hidden depths and more replay value than you might be expecting.

Essential listening for power metal fans everywhere.


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