Dead Chasm – Sublimis Ignotum Omni (Review)

Dead Chasm - Certain RaptureDead Chasm are an Italian death metal band and this is their debut album.

Featuring current and ex-members of Decrepid, Funest, Horrid, and Stench of Profit, Sublimis Ignotum Omni contains 33 minutes of macabre old-school death metal. This is damn good stuff.

Dead Chasm play their death metal with a morbid doom component. You can think of Sublimis Ignotum Omni as a death/doom album, but with a firm death metal edge.

Dead Chasm have a very enjoyable sound, the sort that draws you in close and suffocates you. Each of the musical ingredients come together very well to produce something greater than the sum of its parts. The drums sound warm and sickeningly organic, but still pack a punch. The guitars twist and turn as they cover you in oppressive darkness and crushing riffs. The bass rumbles underneath everything like the warning of a coming earthquake. Finally, we come to the growls, which are deep, rough, and menacing. The singer gives a great performance and I really like her voice.

The songs are well-written and very capably balance ugly brutality with ominous atmosphere. The fast guitars are lethal with their razorblade riffs, and when they slow down it becomes all about flattening the listener with great big slabs of grim distortion. The band are adept enough to leave plenty of rusting hooks lying around to ensnare the unwary listener, and when Dead Chasm have you, they don’t let go

Sublimis Ignotum Omni is really enjoyable and comes with a brief, yet potent, duration. What’s not to like?

If you’re a fan of bands such as Corpsessed, Encoffination, Father Befouled, Immolation, Incantation, Ossuarium, Ritual Necromancy, Solothus, and Spectral Voice, then Sublimis Ignotum Omni is for you.

Very highly recommended.


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