Father Befouled – Desolate Gods (Review)

Father BefouledThis is the fourth album from US death metallers Father Befouled.

This is a band that takes the classic sounds of Incantation and Morbid Angel and warps, twists, and bends them to their own indomitable will.

Yes, Desolate Gods is just over half an hour of ugly, underground, doom-infused death metal that reeks of the occult and is still covered in the grave moss from where it just unearthed itself.

The songs are old-school and dripping with foulness. Despite this, (or probably because of it), they’re extremely satisfying and have some surprisingly memorable moments throughout. The combination of well-written songs and short playing time means that this is an album that’s very easy to play over and over again. And you should too, as it’s an exceedingly enjoyable listen.

As well as the overall feelings of darkness, despair, and rot that that band exude like a poisonous miasma, they’re not adverse to chucking out some hideously mangled riffs that just grab you by the neck and force your face into the filth for maximum effect. Father Befouled know how to write a good song.

Deep, guttural, cavernous growls seem to slowly rise from the distorted depths to swallow the listener whole. The singer’s voice is utterly inhuman, which I’ve come to expect of him as the voice of Encoffination. His performance on Desolate Gods is probably worthy of daemonhood.

The recording is nicely morbid and suitably rotten, yet still has strength and clarity. It does the songs justice and works with them as they go about their grim business.

The songs on Desolate Gods hit the spot, and then keep on hitting, ripping, and tearing until there’s nothing left but a bloody smear on the ground.

Father Befouled’s latest album is a dark joy. Start your worship of them now.

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