Mindful of Pripyat/Stench of Profit – New Doomsday Orchestration – Split (Review)

Mindful of Pripyat Stench of ProfitMindful of Pripyat and Stench of Profit are both grindcore bands from Italy and have teamed up for this split release, both contributing around 11 minutes of material each.

Mindful of Pripyat are the first of the two bands to show off their stuff. I very much enjoyed their debut release …and Deeper I Drown in Doom…, so the prospect of some new tracks by them was an enticing one – they contribute nine of them to this split.

Once again I’m reminded of why I hold Mindful of Pripyat in such high esteem. The band’s authentic take on deathgrind is delivered with devastating brutality and is gratefully received by yours truly.

Short, brutal and heavy, these brief tracks demonstrate some tasty grindcore that’s influenced by the old-school and performed with gusto. Fast and precise riffs meet mid-paced groove and heavy chugs. For such a short release there’s a decent amount of variety on offer across the songs, all within the grindcore framework, of course.

There’s a real energy to these tracks, and it’s not just because of the pace of them either. The riffs the band use are inherently energetic, filled with the type of rage-fuelled enthusiasm that grind seems to cultivate so well.

The music is well-produced, with the band benefiting from the kind of sound that allows them to show off what they can do in no uncertain terms. Just don’t get in their way or you’ll find yourself flattened by them.

The epic-length closer, (cough, 2 minutes), also shows what they’re capable of with a slightly longer song duration, with some good oppressive atmospheric metal being dabbled with effectively.

It seems that Mindful of Pripyat are back, and to me they’re sounding better than ever. I can’t wait for even more from them in the future, as they’re shaping up to be one of my go-to grindcore bands for short, sharp shocks of brutality.

Stench of Profit are not a band I’m familiar with, but after these 11 minutes I’m glad I’ve now encountered them.

Rougher than Mindful of Pripyat and with more of a crust feel to the tracks, these songs are even shorter too, frequently not even lasting 30 seconds.

This is savage, brutal stuff. Relentless speed, unhinged screams, pignoise guttural growls and chaotic mayhem are your friends for this release, and what good friends they are. Although the majority of the songs here are blurs of ferocity, tracks like Torture Bliss also demonstrate the band’s skill at groove-based ugliness.

Stench of Profit are a very satisfying band. Their music is so raw and full of blazing atavistic fury that you can’t help but fall for its barbaric charms. Here’s a band that fully understand what grindcore is about at its basest level, and they reproduce their best vision for what this looks like with ease, talent and spectacular aggression.


Well, what a top-notch split. Mindful of Pripyat have demonstrated once more why they’re so very good at playing deathgrind, while my introduction to Stench of Profit has been a more than happy one, and I’m quite excited to have discovered such a face-ripping new band.

I’m honestly not sure which side is my favourite, especially as neither band sounds like the other. Time will tell, I suppose, but for the moment this is one scorching grind split.

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