Horrid – Beyond the Dark Border (Review)

HorridThis is the fifth album from Italian death metallers Horrid.

We last encountered Horrid on Sacrilegious Fornication, where Horrid’s brutal and sinister take on death metal stood out.

Classic death metal this is, with brutal song structures, heavy riffs, crushing attitude, and occult atmosphere. Horrid are one of those types of death metal bands that manage to be both old-school and timeless at the same time.

On this latest release Horrid have thrown everything they have into the music. Longer by one song and about 15 minutes than Sacrilegious Fornication, the increased average song length on Beyond the Dark Border shows how comfortable the band are with their material. Horrid are obviously willing to do what it takes to summon their daemons through these 9 brutal, ugly, bloodstained rituals.

With songs that are well-written and have a kind of relentlessly belligerent attitude, this is an extremely enjoyable and satisfying slab of the classic metal of death. Everything seems to come together on this collection of tracks; quality riffs, charismatic growls, rolling drums, thunderous production, etc. The entire album exudes strength, character, and confidence.

Horrid are not just about brutality though, (although there’s plenty of that), and some of the best parts are when they unleash some unexpected melody or macabre atmosphere. Although these types of sections aren’t the norm, they’re impressive when they appear and enhance the band’s overall offering significantly. This is a great example of one of Horrid’s major selling points, actually – here we have a death metal band providing substance and depth with their music, alongside their more obvious, instant-appeal assets. I firmly believe Beyond the Dark Border will last the test of time.

Horrid have produced their best album yet, hopefully one that will see them raise their profile and get the exposure they richly deserve.¬†Beyond the Dark Border is a classic death metal album that’s a potential future classic in its own right.


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