Funest – Desecrating Obscurity (Review)

FunestFunest are an Italian Death Metal band and this is their début album.

After a perfunctory intro the band have at it; they specialise in Old-School brutality from the likes of Dismember, Autopsy, etc. This is primitive and heavy with a firm nod to the Swedish school of Death Metal but also acknowledging classic Death Metal in general.

The vocalist deserves special mention as he has a great voice; a firm, deep growl that’s as expressive as it is bellowing and cavernous.

The band make the most of their rich heritage by focusing on the value of each song and not neglecting substance for style. Each track contains what it needs to be an effective Death Metal beast and doesn’t ruin itself by wondering off into areas unsuitable or ill advised. There’s no fat here, just a lean Metal machine.

As followers of this site will know, I have a soft spot for Swedish-influenced Death Metal. It’s just so very satisfying and timeless. The grooves, rhythms and riffs all pound along with that chainsaw sound and the end result is Death Metal that hits the spot.

This is also a good description of Funest. This is an enjoyable album that I’ll be happily blasting out for some time.

Have a listen and see if you agree.

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