Devangelic – Xul (Review)

Devangelic - XulThis is the fourth album from Italian death metallers Devangelic.

There’s always room for more brutal death metal in your life, don’t pretend that there isn’t. If you’ve recovered from Resurrection DeniedPhlegethon, and Ersetu, then Xul is here to give you your next dose of the brutality that I know you love.

But wait, there’s been a mutation in the virulent DNA of Devangelic. The band are still very much a brutal death metal act, so don’t worry, but Xul finds them expanding their reach and fleshing out their punishing assault. Devangelic have progressed and developed their sound, and on Xul they are ready for conquest.

Xul is aggressive with its brutality, but worldbuilding with its overall vision. It’s a controlled brutality, as Devangelic know very well what they are doing and what they want to achieve. Through snatches of melody, bursts of atmosphere, and creative expressions of Sumerian-themed sounds, Devangelic have crafted a death metal album of both finesse and barbarity. Xul is a themed record that can’t help but take a degree of influence from Nile and Morbid Angel, but despite this still has its own personality intact and well.

The well-written songs are whirlwinds of refined heaviness and slithering malevolence. Amidst the death metal carnage Devangelic find the time for some vicious hooks and a slew of memorable moments. This is a journey that flows well across the 39-minute running time, and the band vary their assault with slower moments as well as the expected blasting. Sometimes whole songs are slow or mid-paced, revealing a different side to Devangelic’s intensity.

There are two interlude tracks, but only one of these is of the usual pointless variety that bands seem to feel compelled to include on their albums for some unknown reason, (Famine of Nineveh). The other, (Hymn to Savage Cannibalism), while not essential, is still passable enough. Like almost all interludes though, the album would still be better without them.

Outside of these minor missteps, Xul punishes and pummels, (the drumming is exceptional), and provides a new twist to the Devangelic sound. It all works very well, and Xul is a thoroughly satisfying and enjoyable way to spend your time.

Top work Devangelic! Very highly recommended.


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