Reboot the System – The Fall (Review)

Reboot the System - The FallThis is the debut album from one-man Swedish death/thrash metal band.

The Fall contains 38 minutes of aggressive metal. Combining together melodic death and thrash metal into a collection of well-crafted tunes, the artist behind Reboot the System has made a good first impression.

The Fall is packed with meaty guitar-based songs that are very easy to listen to if you’re into this sort of thing. Acting as a focal point for the music in many regards, the songs are fuelled by energetic riffs and a belligerent attitude. Many of the riffs and leads are well-written and really satisfying to listen to.

Fast and furious, while also finding time for a good groove now and again, the tracks pleasurably tear through the running time with wild abandon. I can hear a range of acts that I’m reminded of when the album’s playing – Darkane, Sepultura, Divine Heresy, Pantera, Lamb of God, The Black Dahlia Murder, At the Gates, to name just a few – but not so much as to dampen my enjoyment of Reboot the System’s muscular approach to metal.

The vocals consist of harsh screams and shouts, ably performed throughout. Two guests appear too, adding an extra touch to the album – the singers of Soilwork and Nightrage. As you’d expect, both put in solid performances.

The artist clearly knows his metal, and The Fall is an enjoyable listen. With a decent, punchy production, there’s a lot to offer here for fans of underground death/thrash metal.

Highly recommended.


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