Lesath – There Is a Profound Sense in Which We Are Isolated (Review)

Lesath - There Is a Profound Sense in Which We Are IsolatedThis is the fourth album from Indian one-man post-black metal band Lesath.

There Is a Profound Sense in Which We Are Isolated offers 43 minutes of post-black metal. It’s essentially a mix of atmospheric black metal, post-rock, and shoegaze. At least, as a rough description of the material here that suffices.

The black metal elements on this release serve as an inspiration and as a starting point of sorts for the music, rather than a destination. The artist has branched out from this foundation into non-blackened waters, creatively combining progressive and post-rock with shoegaze and even doom metal to build shimmering structures of resplendent grace and atmospheric immersion.

The music is beautifully delicate and highly expressive. It’s gentle and light of touch, yet haunting as its wondrous soundscapes unfold. This is music that gradually builds and flows to entrance the listener with the spectral worlds that it creates.

The songs are heartfelt and drip with emotive power and raw feeling. Each track places emphasis on a different part of the influences mentioned above, thus lending them all their own character. Waves of Detachment is gorgeous doom metal by way of shoegaze, for example, whereas the title track has more of an upbeat-yet-melancholic shoegaze feel, (apart from the ending, which descends into actual black metal). Closing cut Far Away has a pseudo-industrial feel before morphing into dreamy blackgaze.

Highly recommended for fans of Alcest, Jesu, Anathema, 40 Watt Sun and the like.


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