40 Watt Sun – Perfect Light (Review)

40 Watt Sun - Perfect LightThis is the third album from UK one-man post-rock/doom band 40 Watt Sun.

Brought to us by the guitarist/vocalist of Warning, (along with an array of guests, including a member of Worm Ouroboros), Perfect Light contains 68 minutes of skilfully-crafted music that is simply stunning.

The songs offer a variety of melancholic shades for the listener to explore. The styles range from simple voice and guitar, through to post-rock epics that feature a selection of the many guests that grace the album. Despite the latter, this is a collection of tracks built around a minimalist approach to music; the artist behind the band manages to say a lot with very little, and these songs are wonderfully affecting.

The music is mostly soft and delicate. It’s frequently beautiful, and often achingly poignant. The depth and texture here is almost tangible, and the warm delivery complements the thoughtful and considered songwriting well. Richly atmospheric, these songs are alluring in their fragile and expressive beauty.

The impeccable compositions are based around the portrayal of emotion, and the entire record is focused on this. This is exemplified by the exceptional voice of the singer. As strong as the music is, (and it really is), the lead vocals are frequently the focus, and they are simply sublime. The artist has a gorgeous voice that drips with emotion and emotive presence.

Perfect Light is an album to explore closely, as you’re drawn into its beautiful melancholy and held fast by its devotion to textured expressions and emotive depths. The third album by 40 Watt Sun is quite exceptional, and possibly one of the most affecting and emotionally resonant records you’ll hear this year.

If you’re a fan of the softer, reflective side of music, then this is an essential listen.

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