Daevar – Delirious Rites (Review)

Daevar - Delirious RitesThis is the debut album from German doom metal band Daevar.

With a promo blurb that states this is for fans of bands like Windhand, Monolord, Black Sabbath, Sleep, and Paradise LostDelirious Rites delivers 33 minutes of hypnotic gloom for the listener to get lost in.

Out of the bands acts above though, Windhand loom larger than most, and if you’re a fan of that band then there’s much to enjoy here. Daevar take this clear influence and use it to craft songs that build atmosphere and hooks over time. This is not a release to rush, it requires that you spend some proper time with it, getting to know its subtle, expressive ways.

Stirring together doom, heavy, and stoner metal ingredients into a giant mysterious cauldron, Daevar have created a mood-focused doom album that is warm, hypnotic, and absorbing. The songs have an atmospheric quality to them that’s enticing. The band fuse dark fuzzy riffs with melancholic textures to produce songs that drip with moody presence.

Delirious Rites is an easy album to fall into. It’s immersive and captivating in its doom-drenched presence. This is an album to recommend to doom adherents everywhere, so make sure you check this out.

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