Sonic Poison – Eruption (Review)

Sonic Poison - EruptionThis is the debut album from Finnish grindcore band Sonic Poison.

I enjoyed Sonic Poison’s 2016 debut demo Harsh Demonstration, but missed out on the split and EP that the band released after this. It’s now time for their debut album though, and I was determined not to let this one slip by me too. Eruption is an appropriately titled 22-minute assault of vicious deathgrind. Prepare yourself for mayhem.

These 16 tracks are violent and brutal. Only one breaches the 2-minute mark, and all of them want you dead. The drums blast and the guitars rip and tear. The vocals are unhinged and chaotic, while destructive riffs attack and attack and attack.

The style is barbaric and atavistic, evoking the ancient gods of grind and death metal to sing hymns of savage intensity to all that will listen. Sonic Poison’s deathgrind onslaught reeks of the old-school, and is driven forward with the passionate zeal of the zealot.

Despite their short duration, (or maybe because of it), each track is an explosion of quality riffs and hideous vocals. The former are fast and murderous, with a thrash edge that speaks of the early days of death metal before genres became too well-defined. The guitars, and the songs as a whole, are well-written, and demonstrate a band secure in their understanding of feral deathgrind dynamics. As for the vocals, these are varied and foul, with a well-performed range of grunts, growls, shouts, gargles, and shrieks being unleashed.

If you’re a fan of the style, then you’ve gotta love what Sonic Poison deliver on Eruption. I mean, what’s not to like? Eruption is brutally good fun, and should be sought out by fans of acts like Napalm Death, Repulsion, Brutal Truth, Terrorizer, etc.

Very highly recommended.

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