Elder – Innate Passage (Review)

Elder - Innate PassageThis is the sixth album from US progressive rock band Elder.

Innate Passage contains 54 minutes of psychedelic progressive rock. Elder take the listener on a journey into sound, one which offers a vivid and intricate experience.

This is a sonic trip that delivers a layered and textured collection of tracks. Elder’s underpinning stoner elements are expanded upon by progressive explorations and psychedelic workouts, resulting in music that’s both visceral and dreamy. The immersive material is highly expressive, and well-crafted to the point that it shines immaculately with passion-project vitality.

The songs are well-written and structured, and walk a fine line between precise songwriting and free form jams, somehow embodying the strengths from both compositional approaches. The various instruments mesh with each other naturally, weaving together into a tapestry of mood and feeling that’s rich in tone and creative intelligence. Elder know how to create this sort of music, and they do so very well indeed.

For fans of music that combines stoner, psychedelic, and progressive rock into an enticing and rewarding whole, this is not one to miss.


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