Green Lung – Black Harvest (Review)

Green Lung - Black HarvestGreen Lung are a doom rock band from the UK and this is their second album.

Green Lung play a catchy and infectious brand of doom rock. The band have an expansive sound that takes liberally from doom metal, hard rock, folk, stoner, and Gothic rock.

Green Lung offer a modern interpretation of 70s occult rock, hard rock, and proto-doom. In the band’s capable hands the well-worn styles have been brought into the contemporary era; there’s enough honest integrity and traditional feel here to please the purists, but there’s also a passion and vibrant darkness that’s lacking from many ostensibly similar retro acts.

The songs are well-written and memorable. On the one hand they’re textured pieces, filled with creative details and nuances, while on the other they revel in their worship of The Riff and all that entails. The band are no strangers to atmosphere either, and the album is well-rounded enough to successfully balance moody depths, instant-gratification, and stylistic impact. Green Lung can kick out the jams with the best of them, but they can also smother you in a cloak of darkness when they want to.

Packed with anthemic hooks, infused with individuality, and boasting the sort of replayability that only the best rock albums can, Black Harvest is a worthy successor to the band’s very well-received debut album.

Very highly recommended.

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