Graveyard – Peace (Review)

GraveyardGraveyard are a hard rock band from Sweden and this is their fifth album.

Even though this is the band’s fifth album, this is my first encounter with them. Featuring a very enjoyable classic version of hard rock, this is retro-styled and blues-infected, resulting in a soulful album of tunes and rocking anthems. The band’s multifaceted and rich songwriting shines strongly, and Peace provides a very satisfying and gratifying listen.

There’s a good mix of material on Peace, from softer, relaxed sections, to more meatier, grittier parts that you can really imagine getting people moving when aired live. It’s a dynamic and well-presented collection of songs, ably showcasing a talented band that know what they want to achieve. They have the tools and skills to do so too.

The album has a nicely earthy, almost raw sound. This is the sound of a band comfortable with their own abilities, and who don’t require endless touch ups and digital manipulations in the studio. Vintage and natural, it very much works in their favour, and also helps lend the songs an earnest, honest character.

Both the music and the heartfelt vocals carry an emotive appeal. Filled with hooks and memorable melodies, these songs are effective and charismatic rock songs.

Regular readers of this site will know that the majority of the time my musical proclivities tend to lie with the heavier, more extreme end of the musical spectrum, but damn if I can’t help falling for the occasional band like this.

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