Rude – Remnants… (Review)

RudeThis is the second album from US death metallers Rude.

2014’s Soul Recall was a thoroughly enjoyable slab of old-school death metal. The band have now returned with a new album, ready to crush all those that would oppose their classic death metal onslaught.

The singer sounds like he has escaped from the secret asylum where they hold all of the surviving 80s death metal vocalists. I’m glad he did too, as otherwise we would be robbed of his performance on this release.

Production-wise things are as old-school as they get in many ways. With a warm sound that reeks of the crypt, the recording gives Rude the room to manoeuvre the corpse-strewn landscape they stalk with ease.

The songs are unmistakably old-school too, drawing influence from the classic death metal style and paying homage to the genre greats with an authentic display of death metal that prioritises good songs and good riffs over everything else.

After the very enjoyable Soul Recall I’m very pleased that Rude haven’t disappointed with their second release. Remnants…is a very gratifying listen.

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