Frigoris – …In Stille (Review)

Frigoris - .​.​.​In StilleThis is the fourth album from Frigoris, an atmospheric post-black metal band from Germany.

Frigoris’ post-black metal is atmospheric and immersive, and as you journey across this 65-minute album, you’ll also discover aspects of doom, progressive metal, and post-rock that are incorporated into the music’s textured tapestry.

The well-crafted songs are dark and filled with a sense of melancholy and sorrow. These are long songs steeped in atmosphere and rich in emotionally-charged melodic weight. The soaring melodies and emotive guitars are your near-constant companions across the album, and they are welcoming and endearing ones, despite the band’s bleak subject matter.

Moments of delicate beauty are entwined with aggressive attack, and both are done very well. The non-blackened influences fit neatly into the band’s blackened vision, and the holistic result is one of quality and substance. Here’s a band that clearly know their art well, veering between elements such as the use of affecting strings one moment, and then rough screams and distorted aggression the next.

An enjoyable album, with much to offer fans of bands such as Fen, Agalloch, Waldgeflüster, Der Weg einer Freiheit, and Todtgelichter, to name just a few.

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