Der Weg Einer Freiheit – Finisterre (Review)

Der Weg Einer FreiheitThis is the fourth album from German black metal band Der Weg Einer Freiheit.

This is dark and emotive black metal that mixes an atmospheric approach with one born out of a love of furious aggression and blazing extremity. Imagine a mix of Wolves in the Throne Room, Downfall of Gaia, Alcest, and Marduk; taking the best elements of each to form an atmospheric and molten delivery.

Esoteric melodies and sorrowful atmospheres seem to flow from the music in waves of engaging bleakness. The mixture of scything blackened distortion and sublime, mournful, emotive melodics hit right where it hurts, and Finisterre is an album that impresses and captivates.

Fierce blast beats are made use of with wild abandon, but these are not haphazardly delivered; everything on Finisterre sounds considered, honed, and refined. The use of serrated aggression is effectively juxtaposed against atmospheric expanses, psychedelic explorations, and reflective solitude.

The songs are intricate and well-composed, demonstrating the band’s use of texture and dynamics. When it’s called for, they’re all about the hyper-aggression and ultra-speed; conversely, when these things are not called for, they can also strip back their delivery to the bare basics of, say, a single lonely guitar melody that manages to capture an emotive depressive essence with simplistic ease.

Grim screams are the vocalist’s main attack method of choice, and his voice is as barbed as his ferocious attitude. It’s a traditional delivery that sits well alongside the forward-thinking nature of the music. Backup cleans occasionally appear too, quite epic in nature, adding a whole load of extra emotive power to the atmospheric and resplendent side of the music.

With a coherent and focused delivery, the tracks on Finisterre effortlessly merge blackened offensives with atmospheric depth, creating songs that exhibit both style and substance. Beauty and danger have rarely been so wonderfully portrayed as they have on this album, and Der Weg Einer Freiheit have produced something stunning here.

An essential listen.

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