Dampf – The Arrival (Review)

Dampf - The ArrivalThis is the debut album from Dampf, a metal band from Sweden.

Brought to us by dance artist E-Type, and featuring members of Bathory and Sabaton, The Arrival contains 41 minutes of metallic fun; Dampf are in the business of big guitars, danceable beats, and even bigger choruses.

These 11 tracks are lean and tight; the band have focused on a song-first approach to their art, and it has paid off well. The style is sort of a combination of melodic, power, and Gothic metal. The end result has a distinctly European metal flavour, yet manages to have developed its own personality well. It’s an interesting and rather infectious mix, made even more endearing by the band’s charismatic singer.

The songs are well-written and packed with enjoyable moments. The Arrival is just an upbeat, fun album to listen to. It has the energetic nature of power and Gothic metal, but with a darker sheen. Not too dark though, as some of these choruses are positively uplifting.

Throughout this characterful album I was reminded of many different bands at one point or another, including acts such as Cradle and Filth, Deathstars, Therion, Kamelot, Mnemic, Mono Inc., Rammstein, and others, (I also hear the singer of Amon Amarth on one track too, which was a nice surprise). Despite these multiple reference points, Dampf make these sort of influences their own, and The Arrival is a very enjoyable album.

I liked this. Get dancing, get Dampf.

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