Thoughts Factory – Elements (Review)

Thoughts Factory - ElementsThis is the second album from German progressive metallers Thoughts Factory.

Six years after the enjoyable Lost, Thoughts factory are back with a new album, a new singer, and 54 minutes of professional, accomplished metal. More than that, it’s a damn good listen too.

Elements brings elements of post-rock, classic metal, and symphonic metal into the band’s progressive metal framework, and leads to a diverse, multifaceted collection of tracks.

On their new album the band have opted for a more concise approach to songwriting, and gone are the 12-16-minute epics of the debut album. This restraint seems to have served them well, and the new material breathes easily and wastes little time with filler. The album is packed with catchy melodies and hooks. The dynamic, well-paced songwriting has produced songs that stick in the mind, with the right balance found between depth and instant appeal.

The band are technically very proficient, but don’t neglect the emotive, passionate side of the music either. The use of keyboards is especially satisfying and successfully entwined with the music, rather than feeling tacked on. This added texture allows the band to craft layers into their music, drawing the listener in and keeping them there. The new singer has an impressive voice and good range. He puts in a striking performance, and easily allows Thoughts Factory to avoid the biggest pitfall for this sort of music – a substandard vocalist.

It’s clear that Thoughts Factory have put in the work with Elements, and the end result is an enjoyable album that reeks of longevity and classic songsmithing. Developing their own musical personality further, this new album is an improvement on the first and a very strong base for the band to launch their campaign of progressive metal world domination. Here’s to them!

Very highly recommended for prog and metal fans everywhere.

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