Funeral Chic – Superstition (Review)

Funeral Chic - SuperstitionThis is the second album from US blackened hardcore band Funeral Chic.

Fourteen tracks of violent, foul, ugly blackened hardcore? Yes please! How could I resist?

Dark, heavy, nasty…I could go on, but you probably get the idea. Superstition contains 33 minutes of fury. If you’re a fan of Plague Widow, WVRM, Nails, Fucking Invincible, Trap Them, Thieves, Sect, Protestant, Wolf King, and the like, then Funeral Chic should be right down your underlit alleyway.

Think of raw, abrasive punk, and then add a filthy blackened veneer. This is music that rages and burns with vitriol and venom, lashing out with violence and hatred, while still holding on desperately to a songwriting formula that’s as old as the hills. This is simple and effective punk that’s been dragged screaming and in pain to the current year through a black metal blender. Covered in blood and ready to rip and tear and rock, Superstition does just that throughout its playing time.

This album sounds dangerous, but not without its sense of fun either. There’s a playful violence that can be heard in some of the music, while in others it discards this totally and instead just goes straight for the throat with a savage attack. Either way, Funeral Chic seem to know what they’re doing with this kind of material, so it’s probably just best to let them get on with it and watch from a safe distance.

Very highly recommended, if very unsafe to be around.

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