Sect – No Cure for Death (Review)

SectThis is the second album from hardcore band Sect, featuring an international lineup.

Here at Wonderbox Metal we know that you like the kind of ultra-aggressive jagged violence that’ll strip you of skin at 100 paces, so we try to please by bringing you the nastiest of the metal/hardcore/grind worlds. With that in mind, it’s time for Sect.

Clocking in at a mere 17 minutes in length, this is a release that’s like a shot of adrenaline, one that will probably do more harm than good, but still.

From the very first seconds of the album, as the blistering Open Grave roars out of the speakers, it’s as if Sect have taken a chainsaw to your ears and have started to carve and cut with wild abandon. Make no mistake; we like this a lot, regardless of the mess we’re left with to clean up later.

Yep, the chainsaw reference is also a nod to the fact that this sounds like a raw, underground Swedish death metal production sonically. Only, instead of Swedish death metal, it’s a feast of fiery hardcore, with its strength and presence bolstered by plenty of grating fuzz.

Full of metallic venom and energetic hardcore/punk riffs, the songs on No Cure for Death contain a classic, old-school hardcore vibe that’s mixed with a more modern grinding delivery and a couple of shovelfuls of crushing metal. With attitude and style, the songs are more catchy and memorable than something this savage has any right to be.

Sect have impressed. No Cure for Death is a must for any fan of ferocious extremity.

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