Funeral Chic – Roman Candle (Review)

Funeral Chic - Roman CandleThis is the thid album from US black ‘n’ roll band Funeral Chic.

Following on from 2018’s Superstition, Roman Candle brings us a different band with a different sound. With ten tracks and a duration of 36 minutes, the album has less songs than Superstition, but is four minutes longer.

Funeral Chic’s new songs now have more in common with the blackthrash of bands like Hellripper and Midnight, only with far more rock ‘n’ roll mayhem involved. Yes, this is a different Funeral Chic than we encountered last time. The change of direction has arrived fully-formed though, and it’s clear that the band know how to handle the new songs.

These new tracks are catchy and awash with rock ‘n’ roll confidence and prime riffing groove. Of the latter, some of them are absolutely storming. Built to Love opens with just one great example of this among many. The black ‘n’ roll approach may be new to Funeral Chic, but they wear it well and these new songs are well-performed and well-executed.

The longer songs are used to mix together a blackened brew of rock ‘n’ roll,  proto-punk swagger, and heavy metal attitude. The singer has a charismatic hard rocking voice that sounds as if it was destined to work with this sort of material.

An unexpected album, but one that’s enjoyable and good fun, Roman Candle firmly establishes Funeral Chic as masters of their new domain.

Highly recommended for fans of the style.

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