Striker – Play to Win (Review)

Striker - Play to WinStriker are a Canadian heavy metal band and this is their sixth album.

I really like Striker. Simple, effective, well-written, and catchy as Hell, their music is just so timelessly appealing and pleasurable to listen to. That’s basically how I feel whenever I give 2017’s Striker a spin, but the same can be said, (and I am saying it), about Play to Win.

Once again, we get SONGS SONGS SONGS! Yes, the capitals are justified. Mixing in elements of hard rock and the occasional bout of thrash into their infectious and enjoyable brand of heavy metal, the band effortlessly produce the type of music that should please any fan of heavy metal.

Full of obvious enthusiasm and passion, the album rocks and shreds along very nicely. While obviously rooted in traditional and classic metal/rock, the band also have a more modern edge to their delivery too. This manifests in such a way that should easily allow them to appeal to both the old-school and new, as ultimately Striker’s music is for anyone and everyone.

The band’s singer has a first class voice for this type of work. Belting out catchy choruses and melodic hooks like there’s no shortage of them, his performance is as strong as ever.

With a punchy, crisp production that allows the band to reap the benefits of their well-established sound, Play to Win sounds great in every possible way.

Deeply unfashionable in the best of ways, this is another quality record from Striker.

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