Nuclear Holocaust – Grinding Bombing Thrashing (Review)

Nuclear Holocaust - Grinding Bombing ThrashingNuclear Holocaust are a polish grindcore band and this is their second album

Grinding Bombing Thrashing contains 23 minutes of savage grind spread out over an intense 16 tracks.

Punk and death metal influences can be heard here and there, alongside a touch of old-school thrash, and the end result is a spiky and belligerent listen. I like what Nuclear Holocaust are doing on this album; it may not be big or clever, but it sure does hit the spot.

The band’s songs are short and energetic, and have a decent amount of personality. From the largely engaging riffs to the pounding drums and the vocalist’s forceful performance, Nuclear Holocaust are on to a good thing here.

No song breaches the two-minute mark, and all of them deliver the goods quite nicely. There are some well-judged dynamics on show here amidst the high-octane delivery, and it’s obvious the band know how to write a decent grinding tune. This isn’t all blasting mayhem at all, in fact the band have clearly taken the time to produce a collection of tracks that have a vibrant energy to them that mainly comes from the guitars and singer, rather than being driven by blast beats or anything like that.

The singer’s voice is a throaty snarl. He sometimes descends into pure growls, but more often than not he treads a ground that’s half deathly growl and half thrashing shout. Whatever you call it, it’s effective, and I warmed to his style and obvious personality instantly.

I really, really enjoyed this. Simple, yet effective, Nuclear Holocaust’s latest release finds them on top form.

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