Eneferens – The Bleakness of Our Constant (Review)

Eneferens - The Bleakness of Our ConstantThis is the third album from US one man atmospheric black metal band Eneferens.

Eneferens is a project that I swear I’ve not only listened to in the past, but reviewed also. It turns out that this isn’t true, so I have no idea what I must be thinking of.

Well, it’s a shame I haven’t encountered the music of Eneferens before, as this is a beguiling and captivating piece of atmospheric black metal mixed with influences from both the doom and progressive arenas.

Shot through with a subdued warmth and colour, layered with rich depths, and saturated in heartfelt emotive qualities, this is a record that hits hard, right where it hurts. Not with aggression, belligerence, flashy ostentation, or anything so obvious, however. No, the artist behind this project achieves his impact with a confident delivery of the type of material that causes you to become wrapped up in music whether you want to or not. Before you know it feelings of loss, hardship, and woe have infused your entire being.

The above shouldn’t imply that there’s no aggression here, of course. After all, we do get blast beats, harsh vocals, etc. These are a means to an end though, rather than being an end themselves. The aim of The Bleakness of Our Constant, at least as far as I can tell, is to get the listener to feel, to experience at least some small part of what its creator is feeling, and by this sharing maybe, hopefully, assist the artist in achieving some form of catharsis. That’s my humble take on it anyway.

The music is atmospheric and lush, containing vibrant melodies, diverse instrumentation and composition, and lots of ideas. These are wrapped around the blackened soul of the band, and enhanced with progressive metal and doom elements here and there. Highly textured, the music is almost tactile as it unfolds in various guises across the tracks.

The artist behind Eneferens has obviously put a lot of thought and care into every aspect of this music, and it shows in the quality of the end result. This even extends to how long the album is. Due to the aforementioned quality of the music on this release I could have easily taken another 15 minutes or so of material, but the actual running time of 44 minutes is well-judged. Its duration is enough to communicate the substance of the work, but without becoming overly drawn out.

There’s a lot here that I haven’t touched upon – the intelligent use of acoustic guitars, the beautiful clean singing, to name just a couple – but you’ll just have to listen to the album and experience everything it has to offer for yourself. Trust me, it’s worth it.

The Bleakness of Our Constant is an exceptional and compelling album, one which has the capacity to affect the listener deeply, while also providing a substantial musical journey to become lost in.


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