Striker – Striker (Review)

StrikerStriker are a Canadian heavy metal band and this is their fifth album.

The singer has a strong voice that carries just the right amount of weight and levity. A band like this needs a good singer as they tend to be the band’s focal point, and there are no issues in this department.

With catchy choruses, hummable tunes and more than enough bouncy melodies, the songs on this album are simple, direct and full of metal goodness.

Leads and solos are peeled off with wild abandon; as a fan of this kind of thing there’s a lot to enjoy from the guitars here. The main riffs don’t slack off either.

This is pure escapism in the best of ways. The highly melodic nature of the music just flows into you and the vocal harmonies steal your attention almost whole. Striker can almost make you forget how messed up the world is. While you’re listening to them it’s easy to just embrace the metal and feel alive and well.

This reminds me of Enforcer in the sense that it’s passionately played old-school metal that is played with a vibrant sense of life and purpose by a relatively modern band. Also like Enforcer, the songs are catchy, memorable, filled with hooks and quality, enjoyable metal.

This is classic heavy metal played in a modern way. Melodic metal has rarely sounded as good as this.

Striker’s latest release is just great. If you’re a fan of heavy metal then this is just a must.

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