Outre – Hollow Earth (Review)

Outre - Hollow EarthOutre are a Polish black metal band and this is their second album.

After 2015’s Ghost Chants and 2017’s split with Barshasketh, it’s safe to say that Hollow Earth has been much-awaited by me. I have not been disappointed, not at all.

Building on the high levels of quality this band has become known for, Hollow Earth gifts us 37 minutes of sophisticated, esoteric black metal that still knows how and when to get its hands dirty with some refined brutality and aggression.

This is a band that use dark dissonance and blackened brutality well to craft lethal atmosphere with malevolent grace. There’s a feeling of reined-in chaos too, as if the band are channelling something ancient and malignant that they are only just managing to keep under control.

Outre have always had a death metal influence to their sound, and this has been increased somewhat on Hollow Earth. This provides a more streamlined and direct edge to some of the material, although there’s still more than enough blackened atmosphere, layers, and depth here to distinguish this from your average death metal band. In fact, Outre are anything but average.

Outre seem to have had a different vocalist with almost every release, and this one is no different. Scathing and venomous, his vocals mainly consist of dark, Hellish roars.

Hollow Earth is a collection of tracks that writhe and terrify with sinuous beauty and sinister intent. Outre have produced another sterling work of underground art, one which should be appreciated by any follower of esoteric extremity.

Very highly recommended.

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