Apotelesma – Timewrought Kings (Review)

ApotelesmaApotelesma are a doom metal band from the Netherlands and this is their debut album.

This is dark, atmospheric doom metal that has several corrupting influences from black metal’s more atmospheric strains.

This is a considered and well-thought-out piece of work, with a lot of obvious attention having gone into the songwriting and structuring of these monolithic songs. This has resulted in an album that has a lot of rich and textured content, allowing the band a wide range over which to spread their considerable talents, taking in everything from slow, introspective doom, to mournful atmospheric black metal.

Lengthy and full of emotive leads and affecting writing, the songs on Timewrought Kings are surely a culmination of lots of care and attention. Delivered with professionalism, but powered by dark passion, the songs are extremely enjoyable and satisfying examples of how to combine old-school doom metal, death/doom, and black metal into a compelling and rich whole.

Whether the vocals are guttural growls, scathing screams, or heartfelt cleans, the singing is always well-delivered and performed.

Think of a mix of Agalloch, Paradise Lost, Mournful Congregation, Lycus, and Wolves in the Throne Room, and you’ll have an idea of the dark delights that await you in Apotelesma’s world.

An accomplished and highly recommended work.

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