Daeva – Pulsing Dark Absorptions (Review)

DaevaThis is the debut EP from Daeva, a blackthrash band from the US.

Featuring members of Unrest and Trenchrot, this is 20 minutes of frenzied blackened thrash metal.

Pulsing Dark Absorptions rather successfully combines first wave black metal with old-school thrash, resulting in songs that are barbed and nasty, while also being full of nefarious character.

The band have an ugly, savage sound, one that sees them mix black metal and thrash like it’s the most (un)natural thing in the world. With a certain base flair for writing surprisingly catchy songs, this EP is short, but extremely enjoyable.

The sound, the attitude, the energy, the riffs, the sickening rasped vocals…everything here is perfectly judged and Hellishly infectious.

I like a bit of blackthrash, but only when it’s done well; frequently I find myself turned off the style for one reason or another. However, when the dark stars align and the moon is in just the right place to encourage unhinged madness, it can really be worth the listening time. Daeva have easily proven themselves with this EP, and it’s definitely the best example of this kind of music I’ve heard in quite a while.

Oh, and there’s also a cover of Mayhem‘s Deathcrush. A good version.

Hideously, gloriously recommended.

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