Killing Addiction – Shores of Oblivion (Review)

Killing AddictionThis is the latest EP from Killing Addiction, a death metal band from the US.

Having enjoyed their short-yet-brutal 2014 EP When Death Becomes an Art, it’s good to hear some new material from these veterans.

This EP is 15 minutes of classic, 90s-styled USDM with plenty of groove and brutality. The band also incorporate some older, aggressive thrash into their attack here and there, as well as allowing themselves to descend into deathgrind on occasion. Taken all together, the band have plenty of savagery in their sound to satisfy.

Despite the old-school core of the band, it’s clear that Killing Addiction don’t completely wallow in the past and elements of newer and more modern influences can be heard in the songs too. The end result is four tracks that have a timeless quality to them and you can imagine Shores of Oblivion almost coming out in any death metal era you can name.

Taking the sharp edge of Carcass, the rolling brutality of Obituary and Bolt Thrower, the heavy gloom of Incantation, the grindcore of Napalm Death and the infectious aggression of Kreator, Killing Addiction take all of these old-school influences, (and more), and coat them in their own belligerent take on death metal.

Have a listen.

Favourite Track: Into Shadow. Heavy, doomy, rolling nastiness with a downbeat melodic streak.

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