Altar of Betelgeuze – Among the Ruins (Review)

Altar of BetelgeuzeThis is the second album from Finnish doom metallers Altar of Betelgeuze.

Full of fuzzy stoner riffs, this is stoner doom metal that has bitten off a good chunk of death/doom and regurgitates it across these 49 minutes.

Like a more underground version of the mighty Khemmis; Altar of Betelgeuze follow a similar theme, only whereas Khemmis emphasis a cleaner side of the equation, Altar of Betelgeuze approach the marrying of the two styles from an uglier perspective.

Featuring a twin vocal assault of cleans and deep guttural growls, both are performed very well. The cleans have a lot of personality and character, while the growls carry weight and force with a feral edge.

The songs are heavy and full of slothful, crushing riffs. Building and flowing with the ease that sometimes only stoner doom can achieve, the tracks move seamlessly from start to finish with all of the class and murky style that the band can muster. Which is a lot.

This is an album that I can really get on board with. The songs are heavy, full of doom and have some top quality vocals. As well as this though, they’re well-written so that the band have ended up producing actual songs rather than mere collections of riffs and heaviness.

Among the Ruins is an extremely enjoyable doom record that uses some nice death metal accoutrements to produce a sound that’s definitely a less common one.

Highly recommended.

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