Dead Witches – Ouija (Review)

Dead WitchesDead Witches are a doom metal band form the UK and this is their debut album.

Dead Witches feature past and current members of Electric Wizard, Ramesses and Psychedelic Witchcraft. Listening to Ouija you can expect slow, hypnotic doom metal that worships at the altar of Pentagram, Saint Vitus and, yes, Electric Wizard.

Hypnotic, psychedelic, occult doom metal is very definitely the order of business here, and business is good. The songs sounds exactly as you’d want them to, and that’s by no means a bad thing.

The band play slow and lazily, but with confidence and an assured experience. The music is greeted by yours truly like a familiar old friend, one that’s trusted, a bit rough around the edges, but always nice to hang out with.

With memorable songs that are full of hummable melodies and the kind of repetitive riffs that suck you in, Ouijia is already a firm favourite of mine.

The music is warmly recorded and has a rich texture to it. Everything sounds great, but I particularly like the sound of the drums, which are extremely satisfying.

The singer has a voice that fits the music like a glove. Not too high in the mix, her voice is a part of the music at a visceral level, rather than being of the more angelic, floating-above-it-all variety. Her voice is more earthy than that, but no less alluring and graceful for it.

Ultimately, you may have heard it all before, but so what? This is the kind of music that is so very easy to sit back and enjoy. Dead Witches know this style inside out and the songs they have crafted on Ouija are testament to this knowledge.

Highly enjoyable and highly recommended.

2 thoughts on “Dead Witches – Ouija (Review)”

  1. It’s hard to escape the fact that this is just not very good. Pretty much every riff and melody is from an Electric Wizard song and those vocals are just embarrassing.
    Still, the hipsters will say it’s a classic. Which is even worse.

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