Killing Addiction – When Death Becomes an Art (Review)

Killing AddictionKilling Addiction are a Death Metal band from the US. This is their latest EP.

This is a short, two track EP that lasts 8 minutes and showcases Killing Addiction’s brand of brutality.

They open up with the first song Promethean. The style is that of Old-School Death Metal and the band sound suitably heavy and gritty.

Deep, growling vocals share their time with higher, rasping screams, and both are performed well.

The rolling guitars and double bass lay a firm bedrock for the band to do their stuff. A few melodic leads poke out here and there and there’s a good solo about two thirds of the way through.

Top work for track one. What’s next?

Well, after that we’re onto the final track Legacies of Terror. This song is shorter than the first and starts off with some nice drumming before launching into its mid-paced assault.

The higher screams start us off and some thunderous chugging follows soon after. The deep growls once more sound quite cavernous and do a good job of sounding rough and gruff.

Overall both of these songs are solid slabs of Death Metal and hold a lot of promise for the future.

Nice work!

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