Misrule – Forced to Suffer (Review)

MisruleThis is the debut demo from one-man deathgrind outfit Misrule, from the US.

With only a total duration of 8 minutes, Forced to Suffer utterly demolishes everything in this brief playing time.

These songs combine elements of death and black metal into their grindcore recipe, and the resulting brutality displayed on this demo is unrelentingly dark and the very embodiment of ferocity. Holy crap, this is savage.

These five tracks display a pitch-black delivery and will absolutely rip your face off if you let them. Forced to Suffer is aptly named, and you shouldn’t approach this demo unprepared. Only the most hardened of extreme metal fans will appreciate this, so mercilessly uncompromising and harsh is it.

This doesn’t mean that the music here is one dimensional or purely made of blasting mayhem, (although there is plenty of this), as different speeds and dynamics are explored across this release, despite its short duration. There’s a doom/sludge influence that can be felt here and there, before usually being ripped apart by what seems to be a particularly unpleasant incarnation of pure fury.

Behind its nasty, raw veneer, however, the songs have clearly been well-written. Despite apparently being a demo rather than an EP, the raw sound fits the music so perfectly that this project has come out firing with all guns blazing and knives slashing. This is incredibly impressive and I love this band already.

Fans of Vermin Womb, Full of Hell, Primitive Man, Plague Widow, Friendship, Helpless and the like should eagerly embrace their new blackened deathgrind masters.

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